Final Rating: 2.85. Finished 172 out of 183 entries.

280 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren Marie

Description: Police integration

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 5 days


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Catherine Lachepelle:

Multiples frames where only the lips move and nothing else - you should try to ALWAYS keep a slight movement in the body. There is also a lot of twinned poses (both sides of the body doing the same thing at the time) which you usually want to avoid

Robert Cartwright:

Love the emotions! The animation poses look really great! I'd maybe tweak the eyes towards the end on the second character, they look a little too closed, more like he's tired than frustrated. Great work!

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

The poses need more holds and inbetweens, ant the characters have no expressions on them.