Final Rating: 6.85. Finished 11 out of 183 entries.

3,343 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joon Nitiphum

Description: Two men freelance Engine in their area and have some conversation.

Experience: 2 year

Time taken: 2 week


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Genemart Adrenal:

i like your timing on "funny" for blackpink man

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Nice Animation dude!

Catherine Lachepelle:

Very good! Would need a slight overshoot on the screen left character around 146 (but good job keeping him alive after though!) Character screen right does feel a bit too posey for me at the end, maybe adding more overlap/textures

Robert Cartwright:

Wow, this looks absolutely incredible! I love how simple it is, yet how much emotion you put into both characters! the animation has great flow, is a single camera shot that works for both characters, doesn't make either one too close or to far away, and the facial expressions are seriously on point! Great work!

Thawatchai Chunhachai:



I really like the emotion your characters convey I think it matches the audio well :)

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Very impressive animation!