Final Rating: 3.07. Finished 159 out of 183 entries.

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Animator: Maria Alejandra Medina Martinez

Description: El criminal hizo lo bueno, y el policia lo malo... ¿Que acaso no es al reves?

Experience: 1 año

Time taken: 3 Semanas


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goood jod!!!!! i love you

Robert Cartwright:

The first bunny's movements look very nice, but it's very hard to tell what Judy's doing with her back turned to us. maybe get another camera from behind the first bunny over the shoulder so we can see Judy's face? Good work!

Erin Cook:

since the rabbit has the big teeth, you should exaggerate his lip animation a bit more so the lip syncing is more apparent. also, using his ears as emotive devices might also be something to look into

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Good animation, but could use some personality and vitality for the characters.