Final Rating: 4.52. Finished 77 out of 183 entries.

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Animator: Reece Morgado

Description: A well-dressed man speaks to himself in a mirror, and gets a response!

Made this as a part of my required coursework at university, ran into a few technical/hardware issues which led me cutting a few corners, but overall very happy with the final result!

Experience: 2nd Year Undergraduate Student

Time taken: ~18 hours


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John M:

I love the way the figure in the mirror transforms from being a mirrored image into a character of his own. Nice one.

Adam Watkins:

I really like the concept and the character movements and lip sync were great!
I think the character's arm looked like it wasn't attached to the body properly at the beginning but does look like its more connected by the time he begins to point his one finger out. I think there was also one frame where the hand wasn't fully coloured but other than those it was a really enjoyable watch.
I think my favourite part was when the character reacts to the mirror talking by sticking his tongue out and rolling his eyes!

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Technically it's good, but having the reflection follow the character at first only to become independent so soon kinda breaks the flow of the scene.

glen christie:

Great idea