Final Rating: 7.17. Finished 6 out of 182 entries.

3,395 views including the voting period.


Animator: Karl Bernhardt

Description: A cheeky gangster tries to smooth over his arrest with two cops of different caliber

Experience: 4 yrs

Time taken: roughly 40 hrs


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John M:

Love the bobbies!

Craig Petty:

Great story, solid animation and camera work!

Robert Cartwright:

Love the blur in the nightstick! That was a real nice touch! The only comment I'd say was while the second man is talking the first man doesn't react much, maybe a look of disgust or disappointment would round out that scene perfectly! Great work!

Jamie F:

Nice idea

Catherine Lachepelle:

Great concept, it reads clearly! The bad guy expressions are super appealing as well in the first part. I would love to see him more alive, react just a little more when the policeman hits the other one because his hand and body just stay dead for the last part of the shot. A subtle movement could do it! But great shot nonetheless!

Soohyeon Jeong:


Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Very original idea and great animation.