Final Rating: 2.37. Finished 218 out of 229 entries.

233 views including the voting period.


Animator: Oscar Megan

Description: Simple animation that forms part of a draft, that will be used for college.

Experience: Very little, I am a student.

Time taken: Just over a day.


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Vedanth Panchoo:

I think you may want to find a way to show that they are different people next time. Maybe give the one Max a hat or change the material colour of their body to give them "clothes".

Aidan Stokes:

effort - 0
lip sync - 0
animation principals applied - 0


lip sync needs work hes not mouthing words hes basicly moving his mouth up and down in the same one movment, also where is he? a background can give a lot of context to a story and why is he speaking for 2 seprate people?

Kieran Mann:

Good, but maybe add another character rig for the second character voice.