Final Rating: 3.46. Finished 152 out of 229 entries.

230 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lidiaaa

Description: Suddenly met a ghost in the museum?!
What will you do? :)

Experience: not much experience and still learning

Time taken: around 12 hours


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Conway Dobbs:

movement needs refinement

Vedanth Panchoo:

The movement is a little stiff and I can barely see the lips move. The "Jump Scare" isn't effective enough, due to a lack of reaction. Nice character models tho.

Roderick Ham:


Mark Moran:

camera angles could be more focused on the characters.
lip syncing needs more time put into it and body movement could use more practise, (always start movement from the pelvis of a character) the walking animation was alright though


Walking animation could be smoother, the arm movement looks too robotic when pointing to the photo and it seems he almost anticipates the person appearing behind him. Good idea just needs to be worked on a bit more

Reinnard Bartholius Dinata:

So nice