Final Rating: 2.80. Finished 207 out of 229 entries.

234 views including the voting period.


Animator: Arpana Saikia

Description: I just started learning 3d animation and i tried what i learned in past days for the lip sing and will improve my work acc to the feedback delivered by this platform and others. Thankyou

Experience: Beginner

Time taken: Two Days


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Try to put more keys before to put your curves in auto it looks very floaty, cheers!

Conway Dobbs:

needs work at the start and more movement in both the characters. Also it does not feel like you have a story at all. But good effort this stuff is not easy!


The lip syncing is a little fast, but it's a very good start!

Ruben Uggla:

I think the movements needs more variety in speed. That long arm movement in the beginning is disturbingly slow...

talha bin khalid:

Hi, the best thing i like is the blue guy's head nod at "Isn't that wonderful. Rest you should put some more effort.


Lip sync needs to look more fluid and natural, needs time to transition between each word/letter.