Final Rating: 2.37. Finished 218 out of 229 entries.

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Animator: Matt

Description: I am currently learning the lip syncing of characters. Utilizing what I have learnt thus far, I have created this simple animation to receive feedback on my lip syncing skills.

Experience: More or less 1.5 years

Time taken: Around 7-8 hours


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Conway Dobbs:


Vedanth Panchoo:

Not a fan of their expressions between lines. Otherwise, the lip sync is good.

Richard Adams:

Lip sync is well done here. Too bad nothing else moves at all. No facial expressions, no head movement, no movement of body. But you nailed the lip sync. :)

Aidan Stokes:

There's no natural movement... Just lip sync... read the brief dude

John Vargas:

The lip syncing is great. Now you gotta bring your animation to the next level with storytelling.

Roderick Ham:

i apologize in advance...but honestly, i think that it was a bit expressionless (robotic) to me, because it was like gestures, and from that i don't think the audience will get it.

It didn't have a story, if you had a story to tell them we can follow it. - Mel B