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Haunted Museum attack

by Katie hall

Final Rating: 3.40. Finished 158 out of 229 entries.

224 views including the voting period.


Animator: Katie hall

Description: Two best friends check out a haunted museum for fun when it starts to attack.

Experience: Third year animation s student

Time taken: 21 days


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Hi i would like to see the animation this looks more like an animatic. Cheers!

Conway Dobbs:

Story is nice, but the start needs work.

Vedanth Panchoo:

The character designs look cool, but everything is going at such a fast pace, I'm losing track at what's going on.

Andrew Viianen:

Too many cuts and straight on shots, felt a bit jarring.

Less could be more here by focusing more on the boxer statue punk rocker dude bit. I feel like this could have been a 2-3 shot scene.

Donald Brooks:


Adam Rhoades:

there are way to many cuts. you should try and shorten it. Make some longer than others in line with the comedic timing of the audio. Great work though.