Final Rating: 2.93. Finished 200 out of 229 entries.

224 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mikael Rothig

Description: Be easy on me, I'm a student and this is my first submission.

Experience: Student, ~1 year

Time taken: ~6 hours


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The lip movements are decent for a study on dialogue. The bodies of the characters are hardly moving, if at all. I'd also recommend putting both characters in the same shot, the camera angle changes are too abrupt.

Vedanth Panchoo:

Where did the Maxes' noses go? D:

Evgenia Bozhenko:

It's not beleivable that characters don't move thier body.

Mark Moran:

godd base for lip syncing. not much if any body movement

Owen Doud:

Not finished, should not be back and fourth between 2 characters. Work on principles.