Final Rating: 3.66. Finished 137 out of 229 entries.

227 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andre Febriadi

Description: Doing it for assessment haha :)

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 4 days


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Rachel Stuart:

I love the way you've added in a prop to aid with the dialogue. The second voice however isn't shown on screen - perhaps by adding a different angle you could have achieved this.


A closer shot to the character would be a good idea, or switching to a close up for his last line. He is too stiff in the beginning and when the second character speaks. Even when he isn't moving, there should be some slight form of animation at all times so that he doesn't look suddenly frozen and stiff. Overall the animation on his body and face when he is moving is done decently well.

Jason Wilbert:

hai andre kapan kamu mau main ke kamar kosan ku lagi?

Donald Brooks:


Movements need to be more fluid and lip sync is off

John Vargas:

the timing in frames 270-326 feels off, However, I see the idea you were going for. The timing frames 143-198 looks great and steady though.