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A trip to Spookery Mannor

by Aidan Stokes

Final Rating: 4.67. Finished 67 out of 229 entries.

256 views including the voting period.


Animator: Aidan Stokes

Description: This is my first ever entry for the 11 Seconds Club and I hope you enjoy my animation as much as I enjoyed making it!
Thank you and enjoy!

Experience: I am a second year student with a years experience in 3D animation.

Time taken: To animate this scene it took me roughly 2 hours.


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Conway Dobbs:

what is the history fights back part?


I like the expressions, if they were a bit bolder I think it would add a lot more character to the figures story telling. But it's very good!

Vedanth Panchoo:

I like the lighting effects and the backdrop, but I feel like the characters need to move a bit more with more expression. Also, I think next time, add some "history" to the frames.

Richard Adams:

Needs better lighting, hard to see the movements. I do like the up and down walking movement.