Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 128 out of 229 entries.

227 views including the voting period.


Animator: Evangeline Rahardja

Description: this is for my mid test from my university

Experience: 2 Years

Time taken: 3 days


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The poses and expressions are nice, especially the red headed character who seems to have a snobbish personality. The movement overall needs a couple more passes though, they move rigidly. Fingers need to be animated more.

Aidan Stokes:

The movement of the characters are too robotic, also the lip sync is sub par. When the character says "oh this is," its not clear enough and it doesn't look like he's talking.


Movements are good and I like the concept. Before moving the head in any direction you should move the eyes first, and try move them at the same time, it seems your eyes move at different speeds near the end (Black jacket guy with red hair). Also I think you need to adjust the wrists more, doesn't look natural.

talha bin khalid:

Well tried, you can do better.