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The Skeleton Tomb

by Daniel

Final Rating: 5.79. Finished 27 out of 229 entries.

290 views including the voting period.


Animator: Daniel

Description: A glimpse of Malcolms exploration into the skeleton tomb. Upon his journey he is teased and threatened by the skeletons in the tomb.
Is Malcolm hearing things or are the skeletons actually coming to life?

Experience: 2nd Year Animation Student

Time taken: 3 Weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Rachel Stuart:

Nice use of body language here. Loving the little skeleton in the background. Perhaps you could move the torch to his other hand however, as parts of the dialogue were covered by it.


Lip sync could use some larger mouth movements. The main character also seems to have too many poses to move between near the end, he has to move very fast and comes off almost rigid. I'd recommend removing a pose or two so he can still move quick, but not too fast

Conway Dobbs:

the walk is very fast. Stands up fast. but the story is clear the the rest of the movement is smooth and good and overall a very nice animation that at this point I am nit picking XD good job.

William Moroso:

rendering looks nice