Final Rating: 4.29. Finished 86 out of 187 entries.

432 views including the voting period.


Animator: HouHou

Description: Character switch experiment. Blocking stage.

Experience: 4

Time taken: Week(2hrs/day)


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Ricardo Diaz De Leon Marti:

Nice idea

Francesca Casareggio:

nice idea...

NeSung A. Lawrence:

good concept.. :)

pavan sri:

very good concept. if you would have finished, it will be good

Dyachok Anna:

ahahahahahaha)))))))) so sorry it's not finished, the idea is awesome!

Arnaud Choisy:

Awesome, I laughed so hard! Too bad it's not done.

Ashish Kumar:

Great concept :D

Ruth Agada:

haha! I love the story.

Ben Hall:

from the bit of animation I saw I think you ran out of time but don't worry just try and get it started earlier cause what little you have here shows real promise.

Andrey Zhukov:

Hahahaha!!! )))))