Final Rating: 5.62. Finished 31 out of 187 entries.

577 views including the voting period.


Animator: Janna K

Description: A young girl discovers what could have happened to her when she finds a secret underground lab.

Experience: about 3-4 years self taught

Time taken: maybe ~30 hours? I spent time on it every night for about 2.5 weeks


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Ben Hall:

Good job I think it'd be helpful to draw the lines darker next time though so we can better see the details especially for that scenery shot of the lab

Valeria Gutiérrez:

I loved the actions occuring on the animation. If you get better at cleanup and movement understanding, you´ll do great.

Trenton Goodwin:

a bit difficult to see the lines. her head switches directions at the last part and it kinda throws off the scene.

Ruth Agada: