Final Rating: 6.48. Finished 15 out of 187 entries.

970 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nick Canton

Description: The end boss of the alien stronghold reveals itself.

Experience: 3 Years Self-Taught

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Manila Tonni:

Probably my favorite entry for this month, good job!

Anthony Travieso:

This is pretty cool. The door opening in the beginning doesn't work with the sound to well. Maybe those to things that move screen right can go faster.

Ben Hall:

I wish there was more action here like we only get to see the characters about to do something instead of doing something. However the way you handled the transitions with the door and the screen separation is inspired don't lose sight of that, but for this competition in particular I would pick animation over transition.

Sean Goggin:

Very cool!

Andrey Zhukov:

Cool! :) Funny ending :)