Final Rating: 5.79. Finished 27 out of 187 entries.

542 views including the voting period.


Animator: pavan sri

Description: travelling through a portal by a magic wand

Experience: 0 years

Time taken: 5 days


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Ben Hall:

The animation quality diminishes towards the end but the animation you opened up with and your concept are great!

Navdeep Sran:

Great Animation

Seo Ryong Jaw:

liked idea, but needs telling about what is going on



Dyachok Anna:

the way she stands up is hilarious) no way someone,especially a girl, would stand up like that ( frame 284). but overall not bad

Trenton Goodwin:

she kinda just appears and then starts to move. animate her a bit before the portal appears

Andrew Bower:

I like the roll. Perhaps, she would probably be more likely to put her empty hand over her chest instead of the full one.