Final Rating: 6.37. Finished 18 out of 187 entries.

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Animator: Tenzin Jbwkz Gawa

Description: "The Girlfriend & The Boyfriend"
in a live-in relationship.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 3 weeks (After work)


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Ricardo Diaz De Leon Marti:

I love the guy's face


This is my favourite so far! Amazing job on the expression on his face, and the movements are so natural. Great job!

Sthefany Briceño:

awesome idea I love it

Ben Hall:

The characters need moving holds to keep them alive even when sleeping otherwise whenever they stop moving they look lifeless


Gabriel Dalguntas:

hahahaha so relatable. love the guys reaction lol

this is really good work. a lot of difficult subtle choices. i do think you couldve raised the girls energy a bit to show contrast with her and the guy. she just woke up from a nightmare so she couldve propped up a bit faster. almost under 10 frames for the move itself. and it wouldve been cool to see faster shuffling of the feet or just an offset even of the knees when shes pushing herself back to the pillows. but that breath of relief she does at the end with all the eye darts is really really good

the guy is perfect haha

Arnaud Choisy:

That look on the guy's face is amazing !