Final Rating: 6.61. Finished 11 out of 187 entries.

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Animator: Francesca Casareggio

Description: A young spy is at her first mission in the deep space, but at the first sight of danger she doesn't react like she has been taught...

Experience: A year and a half

Time taken: Two weeks, 5/6 hours per day


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I liked this! Maybe to make the monster more intimidating have it pause as if it was hunting the woman


It's very good! and I love how u used the camera ;)

Clementine le Guilloux:

I like her facial expressions ! :)

Dyachok Anna:

overall good job, but your movements tend to be too fast and stiff. I'd recommend you to check the graph editor for sharp peaks

Ben Hall:

Great concept! Well executed animation

Annie Iglesias:

I like the timing on her getting startled. Made it a little more realistic!

Andrew Bower:

good camera work