Final Rating: 4.93. Finished 56 out of 187 entries.

533 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Gavin

Description: A lonely girl hiding in her own Bomb Shelter since the town being attacked by Nuclear

Experience: 2 Month

Time taken: 30 Hours


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Raphael Blanchet:

I think you did some really nice work on the overall attitude as it relates to the audio especially all that breathing and facial movement but I think your hand poses need a lot of work because they really stand out as a little unnatural.

Ben Hall:

The animation is good I'd just like to see the character do more

Trenton Goodwin:

seems a bit floaty, but has a good shot only on the character. posing could use some work as well. record some reference and see how you'd behave in a similar situation.

Ruth Agada:

Great job. I love the poses. I think you should work on your follow through. All her movements seem to go together which does not make her movement look real. A suggestion is to either act it out and record your acting or if you have already acted it out, get the recording and play it frame by frame to see which part of the body moves first, then apply it to this animation and exaggerate it. Overall, great start.