Final Rating: 4.02. Finished 97 out of 187 entries.

396 views including the voting period.


Animator: yuki yoshihiro

Description: A girl who wanders in the dark suddenly has a phenomenon that meets Poltergeist, and it gets blown off before its overwhelming power.

Experience: A year and a half

Time taken: 67.5 hours


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Isabel Jennifer S:

Animation is not synchronized with sound

Ben Hall:

Your problem is that her getting hit against the wall doesn't look realistic partially because it seems like a concrete wall would stop her from moving as soon as she hit the first wall instead of bouncing around. Falling backwards also seemed to take too long. However I know you can improve because her animation trying to get up was much more believable. Remember using reference and research is important because we don't inherently know what motion looks like.

Trenton Goodwin:

it seems you are putting too many ideas into it, focus on making one really good solid hit rather than bouncing off the wall like a ball.

Sean Goggin: