Final Rating: 6.92. Finished 9 out of 134 entries.

2,010 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ashley Ross

Description: People can have a hard time deciding what to wear ..... and so do vampires.

Experience: 18 months in industry

Time taken: about 50 hours including some modeling, rigging and lighting.


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Simon Vergereau:

Top 10, Great work on Jackal, Well done !

Virgilio Vasconcelos:

Good moves and lip sync for the short guy. The camera movement is distracting, though. The Blade character body movement doesn't seem to have a purpose.

Laurent Châtellier:

Nice job.
I was confused by the camera moves though. I don't understand why you did that camera shaking in a floaty fashion.


the camera shaking makes it unwatchable

Khalifa Abdullah Al-mana:

Good one... liked the performance...just I think the last camera shots were fast

Laura Chung:

I think both the animation and the concept are awesome. What I would recommend is to decrease the amount of shaking of the camera.

Other than that, it looks great.


The hand held cam effect you were going for didn't come out well, wasn't needed either. But the character timing is not bad, try again next time.