Final Rating: 2.21. Finished 129 out of 134 entries.

422 views including the voting period.


Animator: charlie forbes

Description: Two vampires are trying to get ready for a party that they are going to and want to dress appropriately.

Experience: 8 weeks

Time taken: 1 week


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J.K. Riki:

Right now you are probably working a little too detailed and clean straight out of the gate. Try drawing loose and rough at first until you get the movement and proportions really working well. THEN you can go and put final, prettier lines on top. :) Good luck with future entries, keep at it!

ro crown:

If you have the passion for telling short storys with animation then go for it......but this shows the arms twining, and such that i am not sure you have love of story telling with characters.....

Possible tip
Just doodle on paper .......circles and squares that overlap one anther 100-200 pgs each and every day......for real !!