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I want to be a Blade.

by Honma

Final Rating: 3.29. Finished 93 out of 134 entries.

421 views including the voting period.


Animator: Honma

Description: To stop a man want to be a Blade.

Experience: 1 year and 6 months

Time taken: 100 hours


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Janelle Klenzing:

The lip synch feels a little off. Also pay attention to the staging of where the characters are standing - they both seem to be in the same third of the camera view. If you have two characters talking and only one is on screen at a time, have one stand in the leftmost third facing towards the right slightly and the other character in the right most third facing left slightly so the conversation seems to flow better.

Laurent Châtellier:

You need to practice.
I didn't understand the situation here, and WTF was this "gun pointing" about.


Good work!! Your poses and camera work is very strong. I think you could improve on your character movements a little bit-- they feel a bit slow to me. I'm also a bit confused by the ending, but I do like whatever the heck he's doing when he hears about the black leather. LOL

Keep it up!!

Yegane Moghaddam:

you seem to have given this a disturbing amount of thought!