Final Rating: 3.74. Finished 76 out of 134 entries.

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Animator: Alex Wenziker

Description: Pop Quiz:
How do you end on a pun when the second to last says " No it's inappropriate."

By making it even more inappropriate.

Porl & Ed rigged models made by DarkStar.

Experience: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation

Time taken: 3-4 weeks


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John Doree:

Very nice! Try to incorporate more mouth rounding for the round vowels to break up the lip synch into wide and round mouth shapes.

Eric Heaton:

The Timing and Spacing is really even and Slow throughout the whole shot

Also the Screen Left Character does not really change his facial expression at all or emote. Try acting it out yourself and use the eyebrows, eyelids and some Contrapasto on the body to create more dynamic clear poses to sell the scene