Final Rating: 7.07. Finished 8 out of 134 entries.

2,343 views including the voting period.


Animator: Keith Sizemore

Description: Dracula's roommate, Vlad, is that one guy at the Halloween party...

Experience: 4.5 years professional

Time taken: 4 days


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Todd Christiansen:

very well done on this one!


Nice concept, very funny with the dummies at the end.

Eric Heaton:

Great Scene!

I feel like the Vampire needs a little more time and/or a stronger change of expression, in the beginning, after he first wakes up to help sell the fact that he has seen his minions costume and is displeased. Maybe disbelief to dissapointment, or curiosity to disgust. It could almost be like a subtle take

Michael Kristiansen:

haha really nice ! :D

Laurent Châtellier:

Really cool staging and animation ! Congrats !
I loved the classic waking up at the beginning.

Bhuvnesh kumar:

Evan Helford:

Character design was great, movement was nice a smooth. Lip-sync could be tightened a little bit more. The last word "belt" his mouth felt a bit sloppy. Nice job though.