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vampires love Wesley Snipes!

by Manish

Final Rating: 6.53. Finished 16 out of 134 entries.

964 views including the voting period.


Animator: Manish

Description: What Vampires Do in the Shadows.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 25 days


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nice work.

Dalton Krajewski:

Very clever animation!

Laurent Châtellier:

Good job, congrats ! The creativity here really stands out.
On the logical side, why does he look at himself in the mirror if he can't reflect ;)

Sukhpal Parmar:

I think this video need award too

karan moshary:

good job. i liked the concept.

Saren Mohil:

concept is awesome.like it

Sujit K:

Very nice concept with a proper secondary actions. Best of luck.


This visually looks really good! The characters have some really good body language going on, and I love the detail of not being able to see the character in the mirror. The cartoon-y feel is really nice-- I sure do love me some squash and stretch in my animations!

I think some things you can improve on is the actual lip syncing itself; watching the lips move with the audio, it almost seems like the lips feel a little bit behind. Aaron Blaise has a video that basically explains that when lip syncing, the character's lip movements should be a few frames BEFORE the audio. It's reaaaaally hard to explain in just text, so I would recommend looking up that video! Another thing I think you could work on is the impact of your character's movements, if that makes any sense? I feel like when the character is looking back and forth for the guy who climbed up the ceiling, he seems super excited, like he's looking for a cute puppy instead of wondering where the hell his friend went. I also feel like when the guy pops down from the ceiling, the other guy could be squashed and stretched a liiiiittle bit more? That could just be me nitpicking though. Overall its pretty good, keep up the good work!

Gaurav Rawat:

Very Good concept, good Animation

Madhumita Pal:

very nice animation.

Aps Khalsa:

good animation

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

nice concept

Kevan Balmer:

Frames 73-74 I think the knee pops. Dragon Belt seems out of sync. i love how you took away the reflection of the vampire but left his clothing. Nice fluid movements and acting!

Bhuvnesh kumar:

Idea is very nice.. Exp wise also very nice, just i felt your last part need to improvise