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Appropriate dress code

by Oat Snooks

Final Rating: 3.06. Finished 105 out of 134 entries.

359 views including the voting period.


Animator: Oat Snooks

Description: This is my first time animating with colour. The piece is mainly focused on the character performance. Hope you enjoy the animation :)

Experience: 1 Year of animating

Time taken: 1 Week


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Omg. That kitty face in the last shot. It needs to be an icon somewhere. LOL

Ok so right off the bat, I noticed that things look a weeeee bit wobbly! Are you animating at 24 FPS? You can change the FPS (frames per second) when you're animating by clicking the numbers and re-entering the numbers you want, it's typically located somewhere around the timeline in your program. I think if you're using Adobe Flash or Animate, it should be underneath it somewhere? I do similar digital animation myself, and I typically animate at around 12 FPS with these kinds of scenes. If you're going for a particularly anime-type feel, you can even try 8 FPS, but it's harder to get smoother animation that way. The less Frames per Second you animate at, the less frames you have to draw per second, so you don't get that odd wobbliness. I hope I explained that well?

I think a strong point you have is your characters' expressions, and I especially love the little swoop the ghost guy does. You also seem like you have your character's designs down pat, so maybe if you have time you could try to do a character rotation exercise! Keep up the good work!


At frame 64 there's a dab +1 star