Final Rating: 5.02. Finished 36 out of 134 entries.

485 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ivan Mendoza

Description: Getting ready for the pary.

Experience: Few 11 sec club entries and school.

Time taken: About 15 evenings. Needless to say it is not finished.


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Simon Vergereau:

The First shot is not bad, take care of the "W" Pose, Frame 62.

nuf nuf:

Would have been one of my favourites if it was finished ..

Cedric Le Poullennec:

love the idea


I saw the WIPs you posted on the forums-- this came out pretty good! I think the vampire guy has very strong acting, especially in the beginning!

Laurent Châtellier:

Looks like you didn't have time to finish, too bad. There is some really nice moments.

Eric Heaton:

The First Cut Scene is nice. Looks like a WIP keep going

Make sure to add some subtle drag with head tilting back and overlapping action, when he moves his head down in the closet around frame 166

Michael Kristiansen:

Really awesome start, shame the rest not got same treatment. Looks to be nice when you finish it! =)

Jean Lamy:

You started very nicely, I wish you had finished it.


I wish you could have finished it.

Tapio M.:

Too bad you didn't get this ready. I really like the idea of it.