Final Rating: 4.71. Finished 43 out of 134 entries.

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Animator: Eduardo Politano

Description: I used the Cookie Flex Rig (from Blendswap, no modifications made apart from a small code for ik/fk snap) and Blender (Cycles as renderer) for this exercise.

Experience: About 8 (study) months in the 3D environment. About 2 years in general (study).

Time taken: About a week of work. I planned beforehand, making a video reference and staging the scene.


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Laurent Ch√Ętellier:

Oh a Blender user ! Nice :)
Some good moves with the white vampire. I think you could put more exaggerations and emphasis to turn it to something more cartoony and less realistic. (it's a cartoon-style character after all !)
Also the composition needs some fine-tuning. You could play with the camera angles to center the interest on the one who's speaking.
Since Vlad is pretty much useless at the beginning, maybe don't put him in the frame at first, and reveal him at Frame 200, when the vampires turns back, on another camera angle.

J.K. Riki:

I know the silverware is just there for that one random noise in the background, but I like that you put something in to sync to that! So many people ignored it. :)