Final Rating: 2.15. Finished 130 out of 134 entries.

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Animator: Bradley Eden

Description: Two friends trying to find a costume for a halloween party, they're going to.

Experience: Not much expience.

Time taken: A month.


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I think this needs a lot of improvement-- but that's a good thing! My first recommendation is to practice more lip syncing-- you did pretty good here, but sometimes it might seem like it doesn't sync up here and there. A good tip I learned is when lip syncing is to have the mouth move 1-2 frames BEFORE he actually starts to speak. So, like, if you were going to have a character say "okay" he would open his mouth for an "oh" before the audio even starts to play. It's... kinda hard to explain, but Aaron Blaise has a really good video on it. I would recommend watching his videos for any animation tips!

Another thing I would recommend is having more movement as the character speaks. Even if you watch something like South Park or an anime or something that has limited animation, you can still see the characters make movements, even if its just as simple as their heads bobbing to what their saying or them blinking.

I do like the characters and their expressions, though! The changing pictures in the background were a funny touch, too. Keep up the great work, and don't give up!


Nice concept, you should color it.