Final Rating: 2.67. Finished 126 out of 161 entries.

1,226 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kevin Clare

Description: A hated red approaches, yellow must defend its honor!

Its been awhile since ive animated, was great fun to get back into it, looking forward to reading through the feedbacks. Ran out of time to do a proper render.

Experience: about three years

Time taken: Two weeks give or take


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Samuel Díaz:


Carolyn Mennecke:

Nothing shows up...

Babul Prasad:

can't see anything

Azeem Ilyas:


Lim Hoe Kit:

Darkest render I've ever seen.

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

I'm afraid I only see black!

Elitsa Nedyalkova:

I think your video is broken because I can't see anything...

William Barry Eggington:

Black? I can't see anything. :-(

Ruth Agada:

I don't see anything.

Samantha Schnauder:

no video

Raziel Gore:

I cant see the video even after reloading

Dexter Saulisbury:

No video played for me.

Frankie Wright:

I didn't like the yellow character's first move with the sound but the rest worked really well