Final Rating: 6.82. Finished 10 out of 161 entries.

3,159 views including the voting period.


Animator: Suchaya Tangsakul

Description: Some fly annoy him.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 Weeks after work.


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Dan Be U:

omg her smile at the end ! fantastic!

Tianyu Chen:

love it!!!!!

Babul Prasad:

nice animation and concept

Shako Inashvili:

Juthamas Thongtae:


Sandra Ines Tapia:

Funny, but needs more work on movements.

Panithi Poochapunth:

timing is awesome!!

Fernando G:

Animation is about creativity..good

Ed Seager:

love the squash and stretch :)

Ruth Agada:

lol. This is great

William Barry Eggington:

The first noodle slurp doesn't quite line up with the audio as well as the rest of the animation but top points for not just using light sabers and have it be a battle. Very fun/clever.


Nice joke and interpretation of the sound theme. Good sound synchronization. Good facial animation. Would like to see reference to the "Star Wars" theme.