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Trying to get some work done....

by Chris Fram

Final Rating: 6.37. Finished 16 out of 161 entries.

1,388 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chris Fram

Description: I assume the cantina had a hipster texting away somewhere in the back.

Experience: 20 years.

Time taken: 40 hours.


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Raziel Gore:

this feels like a top 11 at least :)

Only serious critique is that at his jumping animation it feels weird to have him jump at the same time the sabers make 2 clashing sounds in the audio.

Julien Ferritto:

Love it ^^ 


oh damn....it was about to blow my mind as i thought in the beginning, that he is playing the game on his mobile
and the bg fight was whats happening in his mobile....

Frankie Wright:

Funny idea, well executed.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

push button start WHAT????

Zach Baharov:

Really clever idea, and very well executed! I actually really enjoy the expression on the face of the guy who is texting! I would add some keep-alive motion on him from 250 onward. He completely freezes except for his arm. Add in some swinging to the tie and some motion in the root, head, and other arm. Great work!

Breen Dania Heath:

Fantastic concept with a new twist on the sound file. I loved watching this animation and laughed every time. Excellent job!


Very very nice idea! Love the ending.