Final Rating: 3.50. Finished 92 out of 161 entries.

649 views including the voting period.


Animator: Zachary Klegon

Description: A young Jedi apprentice tries to sneak in some late night practice with his master's lightsaber.

Experience: 2

Time taken: 4 Weeks


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Funny, charming, and interesting. More polish needed, but a nice piece so far. The bouncing light saber seems to be making a lot of noise considering the amount of motion.

Lim Hoe Kit:

Seems like past frames 100 there is a lack of polishing. Give the rest of the frames the same amount of polish and you're on your way to something good :)

Valentious Williams:

The animation it self needs work but reguardless the story was appealing and the performance was sold to me .I loved it .

Pau Tobar Rivera:

Great concept!

Frankie Wright:

Interesting idea, didn't personally like the bounces of the lightsaber