Final Rating: 4.84. Finished 50 out of 161 entries.

698 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gabriele Lai

Description: Every minion has a chief!

Experience: Rookie

Time taken: 12 days


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Dan Be U:

ahahahaha! Awesome


there is nothing that fits with the sound...

Lim Hoe Kit:

Lol! Great concept! Bits of timing issues here and there (eg 290-ish the hands slide into place for thr middle stormtrooper) but generally good stuff!

Sandra Ines Tapia:

Funny, but audio not matching with movements.

Florencia Irena:

Funny !

Remi Thewissen:

No sinking with the sound

Ed Seager:

like the three stooges reference :)