Final Rating: 7.91. Finished 2 out of 161 entries.

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Animator: Julien Ferritto

Description: Mouche has to deliver Princess Moucheline from the claws of the terrible Darth Oscar..

Characters from the short "What The Fly !?"

Experience: Three years

Time taken: One week


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Syed M. Ali:


Muhammad Rauf:

good one!!

Ivan Mendoza:

Awesome work!

Salman Alam:

Very Cartoonic Animation.. :Y

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

Good job!! :)

Ruth Agada:

I love this! I love the humor in the animation.

Breen Dania Heath:

Amazing colors, excellent character movement and design. I wasn't sure what your lizard character was holding until i watched this a few times. maybe a zoom in on that character could help!

Florencia Irena:

Good job!

Elliott Gibson II:

love the cartoony feel to this!!! great render! awesome!

William Barry Eggington:

I couldn't quite see the fate of the hostage fly at the end, maybe having him/her fly past the camera to show that they are relieved to have escaped? But other than that I LOVED this animation. Very very well done. Always great to see simple 2D "FX" layered in when needed.

Frankie Wright:

Really liked the concept, some good animation too

Ekaphop Wongpitaksiri:

Amazing Squash & Stretch. Great work.