Final Rating: 5.42. Finished 33 out of 161 entries.

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Animator: Ivan Mendoza

Description: Classic lightsaber fight.

Experience: School and a few months here and there.

Time taken: 15 days.


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Rodrigo Coronado:



Cool but overall it's not in sync with the sound.

Sandra Ines Tapia:

Nice job!

Dale Harper:

Great work! very clean :) Framing seems a little too close on the impact shot, if you pull out a bit, it should transition into the spinning saber a little more smoothly.


Good references to the "Star Wars" theme. Classical fencing fight between good and evil. Good job.

Frankie Wright:

Great use of movement with the lightsabers

Brystal Cauthen:

I like that you tossed it in the air for the faster bit.