Final Rating: 7.06. Finished 8 out of 161 entries.

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Animator: Manuela Hausmann

Description: The young Luke Skywalker wants to visit Ben Kenobi and finds him training with his lightsaber. Luke is scared and fascinated by the lightsaber at the same time, because he never saw a lightsaber before.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: almost 4 weeks in my free time


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Nishant Thelakkat:

Great motion as well as character moment.

Kevin Clare:

Nice rendering but where is the animation?

Leonie Heidel:

Ist super geworden

Ali Asad Jafri:

Nice work. I think you can improve the timing a bit more, overall good work.


if u could have shown animation of how he strikes at fight, this would be great

Babul Prasad:

Child expression should be better, upper body movement required in male character

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

I like the boy's movements and expresion. The adult's wrist rotates too much and the lightsaber moves in a weird way too.

Stefan Reimer:

Good Job !!!

Sandra Ines Tapia:

Nice Job!

Sabrina Winkel:

Very impressive :)

Brad Bradbury:

This is great.
I don't understand the boy's first pose.
I'd have him start where he is in 10.

Also, I don't like the extra pupil wobble in 157.

Dexter Saulisbury:


Frankie Wright:

I like the use of character and the style


Good references to the "Star Wars" theme. Nice combination of facial and body animation. Good scene selection. Lacking mainly the dramatic charge of the sound clip to the animation implementation. The sound requires struggle.