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Don't Underestimate my Power !!

by Jaturon Jetwiriyanon

Final Rating: 7.40. Finished 4 out of 161 entries.

8,646 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jaturon Jetwiriyanon

Description: Before a final battle come, Anakin Skywalker is annoyed by mosquito.

It's How Jedi deal with mosquito.

Experience: 3 month

Time taken: 14 days


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Dan Be U:

I love this one! but why so much lens flare?


Animation great but we can not really understand what is it happening (to many cameras or maybe there is to much lighting effects) and also the timing of the sound doesn't match the movement sometimes :P

Carolyn Mennecke:

It's hard to see the animation behind all the effects, but the facial animation is fantastic!


little bit confusing due to camera move. and why is he surprised at last

Babul Prasad:

everything is looking nice here


Nice render. Looks like the clone wars series

Bilal Khan:

need animation imrovement than post,

Muhammad Zohaib:

nice vfx and look good animation

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

I love your rig!

Juthamas Thongtae:

really awesome! but I think it has too much flare :)

Elitsa Nedyalkova:

The animation itself is really good, I think, but it was really difficult for me to follow it since the lighting and the effects seemed to be getting in the way.. Still, I can't possibly give this a bad rating!


its like kindergarden stage play directed by steven spielberg..........unbelievable.....too good

Raziel Gore:

looks great nice renders. only real problem is the camera moves A LOT it's hard to track whats happening on screen

Sandra Ines Tapia:


Samantha Schnauder:

amazing animation, action could be more on point w/ sound.

Ben Smith:

graphics great. storyline terrible

Florencia Irena:

nice effect and render

Elliott Gibson II:

The lighting and render is awesome...its just really hard to see whats going on in the fight...still beautiful though!


Wonderful work. congratulation

Dexter Saulisbury:

Looks pretty, but the sounds are off.

Ed Seager:

its great, where did you get those scenes from?

Frankie Wright:

Looks Great

Hajar Khakrand:


John Stiven Quintero Garcia:



Dramatic lighting choice and nice contrast between the characters. The scene is play between expected evil opponent replaced with a insect. Good effect of surprise. Would prefer to see good fencing confrontation. Good sense of humor and facial animation.