Final Rating: 4.12. Finished 74 out of 144 entries.

115 views including the voting period.


Animator: Madfrog

Description: Taxi Driver trying to save his livelihood

Experience: I have fired a few shots

Time taken: Around 10 hours


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Danny Kneip:

I really wish you had a low angle shot here. The concept is amusing, overall, but the final pose is seemingly out of character - afterall, he was just shouting at a dinosaur and dropped a plant on his head. A more suitable pose would be if he just rolled his eyes or something, instead of suddenly being frightened. The left hand is pretty much frozen on that ledge when not in use - actually going back to the same exact spot after lifting up the first time. The shoulder movement and fingers on the plant are nicely done.

Owen Fern:

I think the camera angle could have improved this a lot, we can barely see his face the whole time which (because of the lack of body movement building up to the 'don't eat the carrrr') we kind of need to see to get his emotion.


Great Work

Oliver Pedersen:

This is okay but you might benefit from making the building, the patio, the door different colors or something to make them easier to distinguish

Elmira Solo:

this animation can be a lot more, you have all the major ideas in there. One biggest thing that stood out to me that you can improve on is that we never clearly see the character's eyes. So maybe you can change the angle of the camera making it an up shot. This will show the character's face more and make the audience feel that the character is looking down MORE. Even the fall of the pot will be more effective with the up shot.
You are missing a lot of fundamentals like overshoot, settle, overlap. Go over those again if you need to.

If you work on it more I think this could be a nice piece.
Keep on animating :)


frist 100 acting needs to improve... and lips inc is totally off


You could have done the throwing of pot like he smashes it in anger! A lil bit of anger in body animation was when he says "not the car", that sort of body language.
Overall animation is good!