Final Rating: 3.19. Finished 111 out of 144 entries.

44 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yye Lik

Description: hope enojy

Experience: student

Time taken: 2weeks


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Danny Kneip:

The arms are very floaty.. floating from one pose to the next like there's no urgency. The audio calls for urgency, however. Some finger issues (going through the hair (F10) and the table (F35) - all avoidable by moving from one believable pose to the next one with a little more zip! The lip sync needs more attention, and he only blinks once, seemingly unmotivated.

Warren Schutte:

A lot of clipping, look from frame 4 hand is clipping through the hair and it looks like the eye is clipping out of the side of his head. Also from about frame 90 the shirt is also clipping.

Eva Elmo Leung:

Clipping errors are abundant mainly around the collar of the shirt and corner of the eyes (frame 75). Hand also clips through hair.

Tobias Egeli:

First of all, what is the story? why is he sitting there and who is he talking too? acting is more than movments.