Final Rating: 6.50. Finished 14 out of 144 entries.

10,015 views including the voting period.


Animator: Patrick Verlangieri

Description: A man sees his playful, slightly over-sized dog fooling around with his car and tries to tell him not to.

Experience: some

Time taken: free time


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Expressive, for me even too expressive.

Dieguito Pritchett:

nice performance

Ori Gellman:

Not bad... I'd maybe add some houses in the background on the first shot just so it feels he's standing on the ground rather than being in the air...

Henry Alfonso:

very nice , wouldnt been bit better if we saw what was happening not just at the end

Katie Yancey:

Very beautiful animation! I guess my one critique would be it's a little strange to see the guy preparing for the line "Don't eat the car" by crossing his arms immediately after "you're eating the car". It would be snappier to have him perhaps hold that pose with a stunned expression, then pop to the crossed arms pose. Also, where did you find the balto rig?! haha

Dan Paris:

That is one big Balto! LOL. This is a good animation with a good sound use of fundamentals.


Something rigid about the dog head, somehow disembodied (mabye bend more at the neck?) Nice expressive arms.

Danny Kneip:

Some obvious poses, but they're well done. The lip sync is nice, overall (the tongue seems out of place on "car"). Really nice job of crossing the arms starting at F84 and not intersecting the mesh on the follow through.

Amartya Mukherji:

nice work

Elmira Solo:

the acting choices are cliche while the animation looks good but still needs some polishing. The character hits the wall sometimes.

Harry G:

nice concept. It does need some more work.