Final Rating: 6.81. Finished 10 out of 144 entries.

2,426 views including the voting period.


Animator: Adam Roades

Description: Shooting an indie horror flick is tough. It's always so hard to find actors that can take direction!

Experience: School -- Freelance (few years)

Time taken: Little bits throughout the month and then a marathon day


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Good idea.

Dieguito Pritchett:

haha, very DIFFERENT!!! love it... good job, work a bit more with lip sync though

Noyan Özkan:

the approach is the best i guess. the zombie rig is a wonderful idea.


hahaha nice my firned top 5 i think

Patrick Verlangieri:

I just don't feel the lip sync working well, It's like the shapes aren't matching properly.

But there are nice poses, cool idea e beautiful render.

Henry Alfonso:

love the idea but the black out to cut to malcolm seems weird to me maybe shorten it?

Danny Kneip:

Really clever, original idea and good use of the bellhop! The lip sync could definitely use some additional polishing - the white top teeth are showing too much, in my opinion, for the sync to be readable - especially on the last line. The bright white light is also a slight distraction - but if you decide to make changes to this, I would suggest have the director take a step and stand in front of that light! That could really be effective! Otherwise, this is a fun animation. Great job!

Eva Elmo Leung:

Lip sync is a bit off, lights are a bit *too* much overdone. Toning it down a little bit more makes it more easy on the viewer. Good use of the free zombie rig from Hotel Transylvania. however.


Awesome idea! Top 10 for sure. I really like the part where he pulls off the mirror there is very believable weight present.

Bobby Sassone:

The idea is great and the render is decent too, but the animation on the speaker isn't very clean. When the cameraman/director yells out 'NOT THE CAR' there's an exaggerated squash on his head that doesn't look believable and doesn't contribute to the acting that much. Awesome concept though.

charly mauri:

the quality of the animation is not the same for all plans. The woman and the zombie are really successful but Malcolm is much less. the lypsinc is not synchronized and anime lack of refining. History and lighting are really cool.



Sajjad Afzal:

Nice plot and camera work and animation. Winner for me

Oliver Pedersen:

The head side to side could use a little more

Bruce Spike:

that's brilliant staging! Nice take on that audio clip.

John Henry Paterson:



Original and fresh idea !

Mohamed Javith:

nice concept...!!!

Sergio Candela Ramirez:

This is my favorite, concept is original, nice animation and 3 very different characters...Well done!!