Final Rating: 2.83. Finished 125 out of 144 entries.

52 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yuki Radcliffe

Description: The giant fish is eating the car!!!

Experience: Got a crap degree and nearly starved doing freelance for a while.

Time taken: 40-hours-ish


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Michael Minasyan:

it slide move it little up & down

Danny Kneip:

Not much of a walk cycle in the intro, but the monster sucking on the car is good. F279 - F295 (but especially F289) are a real problem for that right arm as it's bending the wrong way. The fingers are frozen in place for the majority of the animation. The hopping back at around F437 is well done and the lip sync is okay.

Eva Elmo Leung:

Starting frames the character doesn't seem like they're walking and more sliding. Clipping errors visible at the end 500 frames in the car.