Final Rating: 4.07. Finished 77 out of 144 entries.

54 views including the voting period.


Animator: Konstantin

Description: Alien gets angry at his monster minion for not eating the right target.
Made using Toon Boom studion 4.

Experience: Very little. I do it for fun every now and then.

Time taken: About 10 hours.


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Danny Kneip:

The staging of the characters confused me. At first I thought he was yelling at the guy tied to the pole, because that's where he's looking. Looking up. The car eater's eyes are in the middle of his body. Potentially an easy fix for you as the animator. The finger wag at the beginning is funny and well done, as are the lip sync (especially perspective shots like F113) and his motions. The walk cycle is floaty and the guy tied to the pole never blinks.


Maybe more size consistency in the green head, seems to shrink when if anything, should grow larger with indignation. Good mouth sync. on greenie and expression through the eyes on pinky.