Final Rating: 2.71. Finished 130 out of 144 entries.

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Animator: Bikramjit Naskar

Description: It is a scene at a toy shop

Experience: I am a fresher

Time taken: Three weeks


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It starts too late. It's about 11 sec.

Sajjad Afzal:

Stay there and you will get it one day... Keep on trying.

Michael Minasyan:

study disney 12 principles of animation

Dan Paris:

timing is off. Running seemed as though he was moving in slow-mo. Lacking in action from the reaction. Make sure your solids don't go through solids (hand goes through the car).

Eva Elmo Leung:

Lip sync is off, clipping errors are highly visible when the monkey eats the car, falling animation for the monkey is off from the sound.


could see at time that a few things went through each other. great idea though

Damián Navarro Méndez:

you tried to do too many things when you need to practice every aspect fo animation, beginning with the run cycle. The character has no expression at all, bad lip sync.
I'm still trying to understand the mokeys slow motion fall, and the car going through the cahracters fingers.
Keep practicing fundamentals