Final Rating: 3.12. Finished 115 out of 144 entries.

85 views including the voting period.


Animator: Clair Jones

Description: Maya animation for the October 2014 11 Second Club competition.
Using the Norman and Morpheus rigs.

Experience: Recent graduate of a 2 year degree course in 3D.

Time taken: Around 2 weeks.


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Dieguito Pritchett:

i'd like to see more expressions through the face...

Jimmy Horner:

The main character needs more attention when it comes to motion. They body feels ridged and odd.

Danny Kneip:

The lip sync could use some extra attention and the blinks need additional work. F35 is distracting, mostly because you're drawing the eyelid up too slowly. The concept is amusing, overall. But pay attention to the fingers - you only give them two poses (pretty much straight or bent in and always symmetrical). If you can loosen up the fingers a bit, you'll be ahead of the game!

Eva Elmo Leung:

Could use with a bit more focus on the lip syncing. Camera Shots are a bit too sudden the back and forth is a little confusing.


animation is need's improve more.................